Hygiene Buddy


Never Touch a Surface Again with Hygiene Buddy!

Your Number One Hygiene Solution is Here.

With the recent outbreak of the COVID19 virus, a contributor to the rapid spread of the virus has been through personal contact and contact with infected surfaces.

While people still need to move between public spaces like shopping centres, pharmacies and restrooms, the problem remains, how do people interact with the world around them without coming into direct contact with surfaces. The Hygiene Buddy helps you reduce the amount of surface area that you touch. Attach Hygiene Buddy to your car keys, so that you have it with you at all times. 

Some of Hygiene Buddy’s uses include:

  • Open Doors
  • Press ATM or Card Machine Buttons
  • Flush of Toilets
  • Press Lift Buttons
  • Open Taps

Made from Aluminium for lasting uses and powder coated for a sleek finish. The Hygiene Buddy is compact and its uses truly are limitless. 

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